User Guide:AmaraLend on Harmony Testnet

Here is the guidance for your reference:

Step 1:Download and install MetaMask for Chrome, and input or create your wallet.

Step 2:Click here to get your test token by sending ‘ !harmony + wallet address ’ in the channel [faucet-testnet-amara]

Step 3: Open the link and connect your wallet. Start with [deposit]

Step 4:Decide the amount and click [deposit]

Please notice that the [borrow] function will work only when the [Collateral] is open.

Step 5:Click [borrow] to borrow the corresponding token.

Check your assets here :

Step 6:Click [Withdraw] or [Repay] to do the corresponding operation..

Please kindly notice that the Repay will fail if the amount you fill in exceeds the Balance amount.

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