Level-1 ambassadors meeting

On April 21st 1:00 PM UTC,Amara team had a meeting with the level-1 ambassador on the changes in the new ambassador program.

Considering that the Amara team just released the latest progress days before, Amara team didn’t repeatedly mention that in the meeting. The meeting concluded in three parts: a brief introduction of the changes to the ambassador program, feedback from community members recently, and a free Q&A.

For those who can’t attend the meeting, here is the Q&A recap:

Q: What’s the main difference between the old version ambassador program and the new one?

A: There are three main changes to the program. Firstly we canceled the pre-ambassador role and used “ambassador applicant” instead. Secondly, we have built up a system of how an applicant could become a level-1 ambassador. Under the new system, who would be responsible for the management of ambassador applicants and what should people do are clearly written down. Thirdly, we have modified the reward system by adding some more bonuses. For example, we will give an extra $150 as a bonus for the top 3 ambassadors seasonally. and for the applicants, we will also give extra points to those who perform really well during the one-month check when we calculate points for their monthly work.

Q: Concerning the 150$ rewards, do you mean that there are only 3 level-1 ambassadors that will be rewarded?

A: Please don’t take me wrong. I mean that every level-1 ambassador will still be evaluated based on the point, the $70、$50、and $30 are additional rewards to the top 3 ambassadors because of their active participation and excellent work to the community or project.

Q: Why make these changes?

A: We have been listening to the suggestions from community members and we know that the lack of operation rules has made the ambassador program stuck in an awkward situation. People keep joining the pre-ambassador group while few submit their task sheets on time. and it’s hard for Amara team to do the points calculating and reward giving without submitted documents. A vicious circle is formed because of so. We hope that the new plan will help in solving these problems.

Q: What’s your plan for people who are in the pre-ambassador group after you cancel the pre-ambassador role?

A: We would highly appreciate it if you guys could help with this problem. the plan is this: for the people who are in this group we will notice them that we would cancel the pre-ambassadors. if they have done their work in the past month, submit their task within the last week of April, we will check sheets and announce the name list that is successfully become level-1 ambassadors in the first week of May. for the others, they will be kicked out the group and or we would leave them alone. If these guys still wanna be ambassadors they could re-apply and submit the application on the first of May, the same as the new batch of applicants.

Q: What about the level-2 ambassadors? I didn’t see the reward system for them.

A: About level 2 ambassadors, you can see that we didn’t clearly say what work you need to do or what rewards you will get, that’s because we know you guys could do a priceless job with your skills-no matter it’s about writing or video-making or anything else as long as it’s creative. and we can’t set a fixed amount for such work now.so if you have done something like this before or will do it in the future, come on, let us know, we will evaluate them inside the team or maybe start a vote or campaign to let others decide how much you should be rewarded. Once samples have been established, we will eventually complete the reward system.

Q: Ambassadors and community leaders should work more closely with the Amara team. We should have priority to knowing about the progress or news of the project. This is also to facilitate us to better promote and manage the community.

A: That’s 100% reasonable. to be honest, we are not doing a very good job on this. and yes, we will try our best to share more information with ambassadors and community leaders. the reason why we didn’t do so is that there are too many uncertain factors that will affect the process of the project, and releasing uncertain news may bring trust issues. But you are right, we will keep you guys updated more frequently.

Q: It’s suggested to distinguish the roles of ambassadors and community leaders. Ambassadors should perform their traditional tasks, and Community leaders who grow the community should be left to also manage it and report metrics of what they achieve for rewards consideration.

A: That’s a good one.Thank you for the advice. Talking about community leaders, We decided to bump the community leader/admin to level-2 ambassadors this time to thank them for their support and help all the time. To be honest, we will expect more valued effort from community leaders & level-2 ambassadors and correspondingly, the budget for their rewards will also be different.

Q: Will this be the final version of the ambassador program? Shall we stick to it for future work?

A: Not really. This is the trial version and we will give it a month to see how it works. So we hope that everyone will do their job correctly according to the program for the next month, let’s work together to find the best way of community management. Any advice is welcomed during this period. We will definitely improve or change the plans if it’s not suitable in the end. Thank you for your help and sorry for the inconvenience that may be caused by this.

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Amara is a top lending protocol within the Polkadot ecosystem. It highlights a multi-chain assets lending protocol AmaraLend and an asset cross-chain protocol AmaraLink. AmaraLend Beta has been deployed on Moonbase Alpha testnet and it plans to be officially deployed on the Moonriver network. Amara is striving to be the most popular lending market in the short term and introduce possibly more assets into the Polkadot ecosystem.

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Focus on efficient circulation and none-gap value transfer among Polkadot ecological assets.

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Amara Finance

Amara Finance

Focus on efficient circulation and none-gap value transfer among Polkadot ecological assets.