Amara Officially Released A Multi-signature Threshold Cross-chain Bridge based on TEE Technology — — MaraLink

Amara team, together with Phala Network, jointly launched the cross-chain scheme of asset data — MaraLink recently. MaraLink is released to facilitate the data sharing between Polkadot and other popular public chain projects.

01 Cross-chain is A Necessity of DeFi

Cross-chain technology, as it were the fundamental to facilitate blockchain interoperability, focuses on making available for asset interconnection and information transmission among various blockchains, and finally navigate to cross-chain interoperability.

Amara, as a cross-chain financial protocol based on Polkadot, is committed to seamlessly connecting mainstream cryptocurrency assets in the market, capturing high-quality long-tail assets, releasing liquidity of second-tier qualified assets and expanding DeFi to new borders. Amara needs a stable and mature cross-chain solution that can be landed for the mainstream assets as well as the high-quality long-tail assets. In this regard, cross-chain resides as the top priority for both Defi and Amara.

A complete cross-chain includes data cross-chain, asset cross-chain and interoperability. Currently, the parachains of Polkadot are expected to be interconnected through relay chains, which can not only transfer assets conveniently, but also achieve interoperability through smart contract. Amara can seamlessly connect the popular assets on Polkadot via Acala. But on the other hand, cross-chain data and assets between Polkadot and other popular public chains still need more pragmatic solutions.

02 Amara Jointly Launched Mara-Link with Phala Network

Amara’s tech team have conducted various empirical researches on different cross-chain schemes, including Multi-Party Computing (MPC), Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), Homomorphic Encryption (HE), Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) and so on.

Through comparison and demonstration, Amara collaborated with Phala Network to develop Maralink, a multi-signature threshold technology chain bridge based on TEE trusted computing, which meet the Acala/Solona data and asset cross-chain demand while ensure both security and privacy.

Phala Network is committed to solve the trust issue in cloud computing, which takes advantage of Polkadot’s cross-chain capability to become the data security layer of other blockchain applications, such as DeFi trading position, transaction history security, DID private data joint calculation, and light node cross-chain bridge, etc. Phala’s high-performance contract makes it available to build a private computing cloud, and at the same time provides trustless Serverless computing services for high concurrency and big data analysis.

MaraLink is based on decentralized Gossip Network. Each node is a verifier, and a Schnorr (t, n) threshold signature algorithm is used to generate a public-private key pair.

The signer performs threshold signature. Set t = (P1, p2p3, …, pn) is used to represent the signer cluster composed of n signers.

Signature verification network: collect the operation results of a single signer, and then verify and combine the collected data.

Trusted center: handle and coordinate system parameter setting and key distribution.

This scheme mainly consists of system initialization, sub-key generation process, trusted computing, signature and signature verification.

03 Why Choose Solana?

After careful consideration, Amara team unanimously chose Solana as the very first object of MaraLink.

The core developers of Amara tech team are the early code contributors of Polkadot, hence they are proficient in Rust development language and also well-experienced in Rust development and implementation. Therefore, choosing Solana has its natural advantages.

Meanwhile, the ecosystem layout based on Solana and Polkadot still have blank point — -the cross-chain of asset data in related fields. MaraLink will connect the two ecosystems between Solana and Polkadot, realizing the interconnection of assets and data, and yielding win-win result.

Solana is a one-tier rights certification network, which is dedicated to providing decentralization, scalability and security for Web3 applications. As a highly active user and a high-performance blockchain with high transaction volume and project orientation, Solana shares extreme fast transaction speed with the average transaction cost less than $0.0001.

Solana ecosystem advances with rapid pace. According to rough statistics, there are currently more than 80 projects built on Salana’s ecosystem, and the number is expected to exceed 100 in the very near future.

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About Amara:

Amara is a multi-chain assets lending protocol within the Polkadot ecosystem, focusing on open, privacy preserved, multi-chain lending markets. Amara seamlessly connects mainstream digital assets and top rated long tail assets that improve overall liquidity and expand the DeFi horizon. To achieve these goals, one of the top priorities would be building the bridge based on TEE trusted computing. Eventually, we want to become the hub of lending and exchange in the crypto world.



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