Amara Finance FAQ v2.0 EN

1. About Amara Finance

2. Amara Finance Vision

3. Funding and Financing

4. Amara Finance Team

5. Other Products of Amara Finance

6.Will Amara participate in the Polkadot parachain slot auction?

7.What’s the Relationship of Amara with Acala?

8. Amara Finance global communities and users

1. About AmaraLend

2. Will AmaraLend be multi-chain deployed?

3. Will AmaraLend be audited?

4. AmaraLend Stake

5. When will AmaraLend NFT online?

6. Can AmaraLend NFT be circulated?

7. AmaraLend Interest Rate Model

8. AmaraLend lending market

9. How is AmaraLend NFT?

10. AmaraLend has been listed on Moonbase official document:

1. About AmaraLink

2. About AmaraLink Grant

3. AmaraLink deployment

4. AmaraLink Beta document:

5. AmaraLink’s features&security:

1.Telegram international communities:

2. Amara Finance Social Medias:

1. When is Airdrop for AmaraLend Beta test campaign?

2. Will there be any other campaigns?

3.How to claim rewards for AmaraLend Beta test campaign? Do I need to pay a transaction fee?

1.What’s MARA?

2.When IDO?

3. What’s IDO Price?

4. Which DEX will you choose?

5.Will there be DEX?

6.MARA use cases:



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