Amara Latest Progress in Q1 2023

Amara Finance
2 min readApr 13, 2023

The first quarter of 2023 is the time when value was discovered in the BTC bear market. We are happy to introduce Amara’s progress in Q1 2023 to our users. In the past few months, we have been committed to advancing our business strategy and have borne fruit.

AmaraPay: Negotiations in the Southeast Asian market

In Q1 2023, Amara has negotiated actively in the Southeast Asian market about AmaraPay to further expand Amara’s share in the local market. Amara111111 q contacted multiple local business institutions and government departments and received positive feedback, which will lay the foundation for AmaraPay’s future growth and market expansion.

AmaraLink: Update and maintenance

In Q1 2023, we have been committed to updating and maintaining AmaraLink, Amara’s cross-chain bridge, to ensure that our users can transfer and trade seamlessly between different blockchains. We developed some new features, including faster transfer speed, to improve user experience.

MARA holdings on BSC exceeding 18 million

In Q1 2023, MARA holdings on BSC have exceeded 18 million. Amara will keep advancing the development of Amara’s ecosystem to improve user experience and build user loyalty.

About Amara Finance

Amara Finance is a cross-chain financial aggregator for NextDeFi aiming to be the DeFi collaboration center to bridge Polkadot and the off-DOT world. Amara’s core products include: AmaraLend, a multi-chain deployed lending protocol focusing on long-tail assets; AmaraLink, a multisig cross-chain bridge connecting Polkadot and off-DOT world; AmaraPay, an aggregated payment gateway protocol responding swiftly across the world.

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Amara Finance

Focus on efficient circulation and none-gap value transfer among Polkadot ecological assets.