Amara Sep. Highlights | Beta Global & AMA Universal

Recently, the Amara team has continued to promote the R&D of AmaraLend. Now AmaraLend Beta has been deployed on Moonbeam Canary Network Moonbase Alpha and completed the first round of Alpha test. In the meantime, AmaraLink is continuing to improve in logic and starts the front-end integration.

In terms of eco operation, Amara launched a global Beta of AmaraLend, hoping to further improve the performance of existing products. Up to now, there are already 10,000 valid addresses participating in the test.


Tech Development:

◆ AmaraLend Beta deployed on Moonbase Alpha

AmaraLend Beta has been deployed on Moonbeam Canary Network Moonbase Alpha and has kicked off a two-week Beta test since Sep.15th after Alpha test. AmaraLend plans to give priority to Moonriver Network for deployment after Global Beta activity.

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◆ AmaraLink starts front-end integration

AmaraLink: After 2 months of continuous development, AmaraLink has basically implemented the back-end integration, and conducted related tests on BSC (Binance Smart Chain) and Polygon network. Refer to Github for codes.

In the near future, we plan to connect Moonriver and Polygon/Ethereum networks, and it is expected to go online later than AmaraLend v1. After the related functions are completed, AmaraLink will also be used as an infrastructure, open to other partners in the ecosystem.

◆ Development and realization of Airdrop DApp Page

In order to facilitate users to claim airdrops, we plan to design an Airdrop DApp, and the demonstration design has been completed. It will start back-end development and front-end integration after being fully improved.

🎁 After the Airdrop DApp Page page is completed, users can check the results of the airdrop by connecting to the wallet and claim.

Eco operation:

◆ The Amara Discord broke through 10,000 users

The users of the Amara Discord community continued to grow in September, and it exceeded 10,000 users on September 17. Amara Discord server has set a Chinese channel in response to users. We will carry out more activities with bonus in Discord later. Welcome all of you to join us.

🙋 Amara Discord:

◆ Amara launches global Beta

On September 15, 2021, Amara officially announced the launch of the global testnet Beta activity and set a reward pool of 100,000 MARA. Users can participate in the AmaraLend Beta test from 02:00 on September 15th to 02:00 on October 7th UTC. Amara will select 10,000 active users from the interactive addresses for airdrop.

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◆ Amara strikes strategic partnerships with well-known media and communities.

Recently, Amara has reached cooperation with a number of domestic and foreign renowned communities and media. The above-mentioned community organizations will give Amara corresponding support in terms of publicity. More details will be disclosed in the near future.

◆ Amara launches AMA global tour

From September to October, Amara will start a new round of AMA around the world, further enhancing Amara’s global influence and popularity. Neal, Amara’s North American BD, Horis and Gree, the Chinese community ambassadors, will all participate in the AMA and interact with community users.

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About Amara Finance

Amara is a top lending protocol within the Polkadot ecosystem. It highlights a multi-chain assets lending protocol AmaraLend and an asset cross-chain protocol AmaraLink. AmaraLend Beta has been deployed on Moonbase Alpha testnet and it plans to be officially deployed on the Moonriver network. Amara is striving to be the most popular lending market in the short term and introduce possibly more assets into the Polkadot ecosystem.

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Focus on efficient circulation and none-gap value transfer among Polkadot ecological assets.

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Amara Finance

Amara Finance

Focus on efficient circulation and none-gap value transfer among Polkadot ecological assets.

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