Amara Finance IDO FAQ | EN

  • By participating in the basic pool, your multiplier indicates the maximum amount of $ value you are eligible to commit.
  • The maximum commitment in the basic pool is $100 x your multiplier.
  • Eg. Let’s say that you locked 50 Solar for one month in either the vaults or veSolar. Your multiplier is 10x. The maximum amount that you can commit in the basic pool is $1000 worth of Solar/Movr LP ($100 x 10 = $1000).
  • By participating in the unlimited pool, your multiplier boosts your allocation.
  • There is no limit in the amount that you can commit in the unlimited pool. There is also a 1% tax that is used for burns and buybacks.
  • Someone with a 100x multiplier will get 100 times more allocation from someone with a 1x multiplier in the unlimited pool, even if they committed the same amount of $.
  • Some launchpads are DEXs themselves, where the listing date will be decided by the launchpad.
  • MARA will be listed on other DEXs according to our plan. Stay tuned for official news.
  • CEX is also on our schedule. Will keep the community updated.

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